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We use several of the Air-Care filtrated vacuum systems to scrub and vacuum out each vent and cold air return. Once completed, enjoy clean air throughout your home!


No matter what type of chimney system you have, from traditional open fireplaces to old-fashioned coal-burning fireplaces, our trained staff can help you keep it in pristine condition.


By trusting our specialists with your sanitation & deodorizing needs, we’ll give your air duct system a deep cleaning that leaves you with better indoor air quality.


Cleaning your lint screen every time you use your dryer is helpful, however, it’s not enough to prevent a fire. Our team is trained to use the specialized equipment required to clean the lint directly out of your dryer vent.


Your furnace should be cleaned annually to help prevent future breakdowns and to forecast for an eventual replacement.


Annual Air Conditioner Vent Cleaning is highly recommended. Our experienced staff will utilize our proprietary set of tools to make sure that all vents leading into the house are clear and clean.

About Our Culture

A new Standard in Customer Care. A culture of care, knowledge, and support has been created at Air Duct Power LLC  that sets us apart from the other Air Duct cleaning services that employ “bait and switch” tactics. We make sure a positive work environment is maintained that supports highly trained technicians and custom service.

No service is performed without your consent. Air Duct Power LLC Technicians have clean backgrounds -no criminal records, and they are all licensed, bonded and insured. Technicians are required to follow strict company guidelines and uniform codes to ensure that you and your family feel safe and comfortable with the person in your home.

Why clean the heating and
cooling systems of your home?

Why clean the heating and cooling systems of your home?

The health and welfare of the occupants of your home should be your first and most important concern.  During these uncertain times, we have come to understand the importance of air quality.

You should consider cleaning your heating and cooling systems when you notice that there is dirt or debris that is visible. If you smell musty odors.  If you own pets and have airborne pet dander. If anyone in your family is having breathing issues.  Air Duct Cleaning can help.

By design, heating and cooling systems circulate air through your home in a closed environment.  Over time, there may be an accumulation of dust, dander, dirt, contaminants which then are being distributed throughout your home via these systems.

Contaminants, such as mold, may lead to breathing issues, allergies and respiratory health issues.

Creates a Cleaner Environment

Reduces Allergens & Irritants

Helps Everyone Breathe Easier

Remove Unpleasant Odors

Improves Airflow Efficiency

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Breathe the Difference: Stay Healthy

As many as 1 in 5 Americans suffer from allergies caused by particles that are frequently found in the air inside most homes. If you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies, asthma or if you just want healthier air in your home – Air Duct Power LLC can help.

It takes more than a quick brushing to remove the dust, dander and other harmful particles from your ductwork. Air Duct Power LLC uses the most technologically advanced duct cleaning process available. The best part? We can install an air purification and filtration system on the same day.

Clean Air for a Clean Home

If you’ve ever noticed black lines on the edges of your carpet, then your floors are not all that needs cleaning. This is called carbon filtration, which is a good sign that it’s time to clean your air ducts. Over time, dust and grime collect in your ductwork. When your heating and cooling system blows air through your vents, this dirt comes out with it, often gathering on fibers in your carpet and upholstery. A true whole-home cleaning includes your ductwork, which means cleaner air.

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The customer should consider getting their systems cleaned if they are new owners and do not know if their systems have ever been cleaned. If it appears there was smoking or if anyone currently smokes in the home. There is musty air smell. There

are pets living indoors. The system has never been cleaned. Someone with allergies or there is someone with breathing issues.  Drywall has been replaced or home renovations.

The technician will do a review of your systems and provide an estimate of services. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our technicians are mindful of cleanliness & safety. Our equipment is cleaned and disinfected after use for their health and safety and for the health and safety of your home.  They will enter the home with face masks until they are no longer required to be worn by the CDC.

The entire system will be cleaned and if so desired, sanitizing and deodorizing services are also offered.

These are components that will affect the cost and time of the services required.  Upon average the cost can range from $299 or higher depending on the type of ductwork systems and size and accessibility to the systems. Time to complete the job depends on the size of the home, the systems, levels of contamination.

10% OFF

We love to give back to our neighbors and help as much as we can. We want to give a discount to Senior Citizens, Emergency Response and Hospital Crews.

10% OFF

Get a discount on you next cleaning job. Reduced costs for other services such as deodorizing or dryer vent cleaning with completion of air duct cleaning services.

Knowledgeable, professional, helpful and courteous technicians. Their work was of the highest standard. They explained everything they were going to do and showed us when they were finished. I will definitely contact Air Duct Power Company next time air vents need cleaning. I highly recommend them.

Excellent professional job of air ducts cleaning. Because the duct goes into an interior wall, then up and across an attic to the outside vent, the technician went up into the attic through an access door and up on the roof in order to do a thorough job. Highly recommended.

Great business professional. Prompt, told me what he was doing and gave me some great tips on my duct. Even vacuumed behind it. Very reasonably priced and so happy to have found a profession company. Would highly recommend for our needs.

Company was on time and very professional. they explained how everything works and got to it. they double checked at the end to insure things were back in place and tidy. Outstanding work and I would highly recommend the service.


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